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Special Events

Tibetan Bowl 101 with Kenny Kolter

Friday, April 14 from 6:30-7:45 pm

Learn what Tibetan Singing Bowls are all about in this first-time hands-on workshop with our friend Kenny Kolter. We will explore how to play and truly listen to the subtle complexities of the bowls. We'll learn a little about their history and relax into the resonant sounds & vibrations. This experiential playshop will uncover the healing properties of the bowls, and we'll discover how these wonderful instruments can help clear blocked energies held in the body. Kenny will have approximately 30 + high quality bowls available for students to play and explore with.

This is an excellent workshop for everyone - Especially yoga teachers and students, and those that do energy work. Please pre-register to reserve your space so that we are prepared with enough materials.  

Cost $25. Click here to register.