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Class Fees

At Karmany there are no lengthy memberships, no pre-paid packages that go unused and then expire, and no advance sign up for our regularly scheduled classes. You pay on a class-by-class basis, according to your schedule and on your terms. Simply show up 10 minutes before class, check in, grab a mat, and find a space.

We suggest students pay $18 for a class in the hope that you will give in the spirit of appreciation for the skill and time our teachers share with you. However, if this is not possible for you at this time, we ask only that you pay what fits within your budget. In the yogic sense of karma, as we are giving a gift, it is our hope that you will give back.

NEW! Karmany Cards....the perfect way to pay for your classes

Looking for a way to pay in one lump sum for your yoga each month? Now you can! Ask your teacher about Karmany Cards. You simply load with whatever amount you like and then use your Karmany Card to pay for a class. You get to decide the amount you want to put on the card and you still get to set the amount you pay for a class.

It's the perfect way to set aside your "yoga money" each month. But unlike a monthly fee, your Karmany Card balance never expires. If you don't use up your balance one month, it carries over until you need it.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates offer a great way to introduce someone to yoga. We offer several options from our online store. Once you place your order the gift certificate(s) will be mailed to you.

    1 - 9 gift certificates for $18 each
    10 - 25 gift certificates for $15 each
    26 or more for $12 each
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